FBReader SDK for Android

A library that allows you to build an ebook reader for Android, based on FBReader engine.

Demo version

The latest update released 10 March 2021. Please, read the changelog.

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Price info and buying the full version

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Tech details

  • Works on Android 4.1 (API 16) and higher
  • Built with AndroidX
  • Distributed as a set of maven artifacts (aars)
  • The core SDK is in binary form. Source code is available for the sample app and for all features with customizable UI
  • Demo SDK with limited functionality is available for free

Main features

  • Opens files in text formats (ePub, fb2, mobi, etc.)
  • Reads metainfo from book file
  • FBReader rendering engine
  • Customizable text styles

Extra features (with customizable UI, sample source code is available)

  • Text selection
  • Bookmarks
  • Text search
  • Table of contents
  • Advanced text navigation
  • Footnotes and hyperlinks support
  • Brightness control