FBReader SDK

The SDK is a library that allows building an ebook reader based on FBReader engine. We use the engine in FBReader, the app with millions installs on Android and iOS. If you want to test how your files look in the engine, please install FBReader.

The library includes rendering engine for text formats, i.e. ePub, fb2, mobi, etc. It does not include PDF renderer.

The library distributed in binary form. If you are interested in the source code license, contact us via email.

Latest updates

The SDK for Android updated 16 December 2019. The minor update fixes few internal issues. We also released FBReader 3.1 beta for Android, that is built on the SDK.

Platforms and releases

The SDK for Android released in September 2019. It is based on upcoming FBReader 3.1 for Android and includes some new features, not available in current FBReader 3.0.x series. Please sign up to access the test version and get the pricing info.

The SDK for iOS release is expected by the end of 2019.

If you need SDK for another platform, please contact us via email.