Terms and conditions

In the text below, we refers to FBReader.ORG Limited, the company registered in England and Wales, No 08579768.

The site sdk.fbreader.org collects your data for authorisation our customers. We provide the SDK to authorised customers only. This information is also used to identify customers who purchased the SDK.

The information we collect contains your email, name, and business data. If you are logging in via social account, we also collect your social account link. We have access to logs that contains the IP address you accessed the site from.

The information is stored on cloud servers provided by Linode. The servers are physically located in London, UK. Please read their privacy notes for details.

We do not transfer your information to any third party. We let you know in prior in case of any changes of these terms (e.g., if we decide to move our servers with your data to another provider), via email. Once you purchase the SDK, we can use your email to contact you in case of significant problems with the SDK. E.g., to inform you about critical issues found and/or fixed. Please uncheck “Notify by email” on your account page, if you prefer to be not notified.

You can drop your account at any time. This operation deletes all your information irreversible. Please note that if you purchased FBReader SDK from the site, we could keep some information that allows you to restore your purchase.